Taking the Time to Listen with Animal Intuitive Miranda Alcott

The Baroo: A Podcast for Dogs and Their People

Jun 21 2022 • 42 mins

Miranda Alcott has been an animal communications counselor for more than forty years. Her workshops and classes  aim to  facilitate a deeper bond between animals and the humans that care for them. She pioneered the development of new  fields and techniques in animal communications , incorporating all life forms and an awareness -based curriculum  known as Full body Frequency Perceptivity.   As an animal  medical intuitive Miranda is recognized as a respected team member while working under the auspices of veterinarians. She is also trained in emergency first aid and CPR for pets, and a certified crisis responder who provided support at both the Columbine school shootings and the World Trade Center  on September 11.

We chat about how we can be more mindful around our pets , how we really need to take that moment to tune in and listen, and the lessons we can learn from our animals.


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