Breaking Down The Mystery of Money | Chris Miles on Financial Freedom + Fatherhood

Modern Dadhood

Aug 26 2022 • 38 mins

As if there isn’t enough we parents have to keep straight between juggling work, kids’ schedules, meal prep, endless laundry, and maybe the occasional workout sesh… And on top of it all, we’re expected to manage our finances and plan for the future. When money is abundant, this can be a fun and exciting challenge. But when money is scarce, it can be a colossal source of stress. Self-proclaimed “Anti-Financial Advisor” Chris Miles, father of 8 and host of Money Ripples, joins Adam and Marc to dispel some money myths, share advice directly from his personal experiences, and educate us on some best practices when it comes to our finances. Stick around after the interview for a  new installment of Did I Just Say That Out Loud?

Episode 72 of Modern Dadhood opens with a brief catch-up between the guys as they reflect on a recent get together with their families. Marc goes awkward and asks Adam if he has money, which breaks the ice for a great chat about becoming parents and how your relationship with money changes. For many young parents, in addition to student loans, rent, mortgage, insurance, utilities, and more, they're suddenly faced with childcare expenses and the idea of saving for future college tuition. The guys welcome Chris Miles into the conversation. Chris is a self-proclaimed "Anti-Financial Advisor," whose company and podcast "Money Ripples" educates listeners on best practices for saving money, creating passive income, and building wealth to work toward not only financial independence, but financial freedom. Chris also happens to be a father of 8 kids! Conversation topics include:

•  How work/life balance works as an entrepreneur and father of 8
•  The mistakes that Chris made along the way that helped him solve the mystery of money
•  How typical financial advisors work... and why Chris disagrees
•  "Financial independence" vs. "financial freedom"
•  Tips for how to manage your expenses
•  How to change the way you think about money
•  How and when you should start talking to your kids about finances
•  And more!

The guys round out the episode with Marc sharing a quiz-based installment of Did I Just Say That Out Loud?

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