"Lovable Idiot" Reformed | SNL's Bobby Moynihan on Fatherhood, Playfulness, Self Care

Modern Dadhood

Sep 23 2022 • 36 mins

What do a sheep with a jetpack, a drunk uncle, and a pot smoking manatee have in common? They’re all hilarious characters from the brilliant mind of actor/comedian Bobby Moynihan. The Saturday Night Live alum joins Adam and Marc to swap dad stories, drop a little sage advice about meditation, and talk about his new children’s book “Not All Sheep are Boring!” Spoiler alert: some are actually quite dull. Stick around after the interview for another installment of the sensational new segment Kisses & Disses.

Episode 74 opens with a brief discussion about the upcoming Halloween season, including chatting briefly about SNL's now famous "Haunted Elevator" sketch featuring Tom Hanks as David S. Pumpkins. The guys share some laughs about Bobby Moynihan, the talented SNL alum who, since leaving SNL, has created and appeared in multiple TV shows, movies, and cartoons. Bobby is welcomed into the conversation to discuss fatherhood and the inspiration behind his new kids' bedtime story "Not All Sheep Are Boring!" Conversation topics Include:

• How being a father has changed in the past couple of years
• The inspiration for the unique characters in his new book
• Bobby's dream for his young daughter to one day organically discover SNL
• How Bobby's comedy style shifted after becoming a dad
• Being on SNL vs being a dad
• The benefits of breathing and mindfulness
• And more!

After the interview, the guys follow up Episode 73's inaugural "Kisses + Disses" segment with a second rip-roaring installment.

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