Costco Food Court History feat. Marisa Pinson & Jon Glover (On Brand with Jon & Marisa) [Part One]

"Fine" Dining

Apr 3 2024 • 1 hr 1 min

Learn the history of America's most iconic concession stand!

  • Marisa Pinson & Jon Glover from On Brand with Jon & Marisa join Michael at the Costco Food Court this week and talk all things, from how many hot dogs we could fit in our mouths to the churro that was just replaced by a cookie
  • "Fine" Dining is now on video! Head on over to our YouTube to watch this episode!
  • How to survive the Costco parking lot
  • Hear the humble beginnings of Costco's Food Court as a hot dog cart in San Diego
  • International Costcos have different regional menu items
  • All the discontinued offerings from the food court!
  • A Yelper is left out to dry when someone who arrived after her gets the last of the item she ordered in this week's Yelp from Strangers
  • The full review comes next week!

Music by: James McEnelly (@Ramshackle_Music)

Theme Song by: Kyle Schieffer (@JazzyJellyfish)

Segment Transitions Voiced by:Sandy Rose

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Next week on "Fine" Dining: Costco Food Court Review [Part Two]! We'll finally talk about the horrific way Jon ate his Chicken Bake, and we try the new cookie that replaced the churro. Ever work at Costco? Send your stories to

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