787: Theresa Depasquale | 10x Your Instagram Engagement

Build Your Network

Aug 15 2022 • 23 mins

Are you not getting the results you want on Instagram?

In this episode, Travis interviews the social media + marketing expert: Theresa Depasquale, they dive deep into ​​Instagram’s algorithm, how to create engaging reels, how to improve your creative content as your business grows and so much more.

Theresa is the founder and CEO of Capture Social Media Group, a company that provides one-on-one consulting and management for national companies and industry-leading experts to help them successfully build their brands online and grow their reach and credibility. She is passionate about working with heart-centered entrepreneurs and companies to help them skyrocket their brand and attract more clients.

Key Highlights:

[00:01 - 03:20] Instagram Engagement

Beat the algorithm by making better engaging content

[03:21 - 13:38] Crush It with Instagram Reels

Graphics are not dead on the platform

Getting clear on who your ideal audience is

Understanding your identity on Instagram: Expert or content creator?

The importance of being authentic and doing what you're comfortable with

Why Gary Vee’s advice on post frequency is not 100% accurate

[13:38 -17:01] The 9 Types of Instagram Engagement

The Difference between active and passive engagement and other Instagram metrics

Design your content thinking about the 9 types of engagement

[17:10 - 21:46] Social Media Omnipresence

Get started on just one platform and grow as your team grows

Theresa shares how to repurpose Instagram content into Facebook, TikTok and other platforms

Tweetable Quotes:

“ Determine if you want to be an expert brand and leverage your Instagram for your business or if you want to be a content creator.” - Theresa Depasquale

“ If you’re someone that can put out good content twice a week, focus on crushing that content twice a week.” - Theresa Depasquale

Download the Free Instagram Growth Guide Here and start growing your instagram engagement within hours!

Connect with Theresa:



Follow Capture Social Media Club on instagram: @yoursocialbutterfly_

Visit her website: www.CaptureSocialGroup.com

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