Ep. 06 - Why Woodn’t You Choose WoodForm Concrete®

Let’s Set Your Table Podcast

Sep 21 2022 • 33 mins

Episode 06

In this episode of Let's Set Your Table, John D, Nick D and Jack Hode visit with the creator of WoodForm Concrete® and founder of JM Lifestyles, Jeff Kudrick. He is joined by Andrew Lippmann, who is the General Manager of Trueform Concrete. Trueform Concrete recently purchased JM lifestyles in August of 2022, so our visit with them could not be more timely.

Jack Hode shares the back story of how the Hode Group found, worked, and represented Jeff Kudrick at JM Lifestyles, a highly talented Artisan, craftsman, and fabricator who is now part of the Trueform Concrete team.

Andrew Lippman shares who Trueform concrete is, what they do, what they create, and what an innovative product they produce domestically in the USA for the culinary and hospitality industry!

Andrew and Jeff offer insight on using "woodform" decorative concrete and wood-like concrete surfaces for designers, architects, and commercial owner's & operators that are in that custom design/build or that remodel-renovation phase of business.

WoodForm Concrete® offers endless opportunities for tabletop, bar tops, wall panels, countertops, banquet tables, furniture, and the creation of an accent piece or an iconic indoor/outdoor structure for your property.

So if you're looking for a unique way to differentiate your space from the rest of the pack, wow those guests or perhaps even create a conversation piece to attract more customers and keep them coming back, then grab a chair and join us at the table and let us, help you, set your table!

Show Notes (topical points of interest and links) --------------------------------------------------

5:10  Jack Hode shares the history and how the Hode Group got started with Jeff Kudrick - JM Lifestyles and WoodForm Concrete®

7:12  Andrew Lippman shares who is Trueform Concrete and the value they bring to the industry today

8:32  How does the addition of Trueform Concrete with JM enhance the deliverable as a supplier for the end user?

9:36  What type of feedback is received by prospective customers when introduced to WoodForm?

11:53  What is the difference between WoodForm Concrete® and Actual Wood? What are the benefits?

14:02  Life expectancy of decorative concrete compared to wood?  Benefits? Repairs? ("The Abe Lincoln Analogy ")

16:10  What options do I have with using this product for indoor/outdoor applications?

17:50  USA Made & Proud! Handmade by artisans that are unique and no two pieces of concrete are the same. What can you create?

19:55  What is your competitive advantage? What's your conversation piece to bring your customers back?

21:15   Do I need to physically travel to you to see your work? Where are you located?

22:19  Jack Hode shares a success story, project and installation with this “woodform” product in Chicago

23:38  Jeff Kudrick shares the most unique install he has completed

26:27  Does Trueform concrete also service residential owners?

27:34  Where can I see your live pieces?

29:10  Tips and advice for an operator that is on the fence? Wood vs. WoodForm Concrete® - what to do and how to get started?

Guest Information:

Jeff Kudrick Creator - WoodForm Concrete® Founder, JM Lifestyles (now Trueform Concrete)

Andrew Lippman General Manager Trueform Concrete

Jack Hode Senior Vice President The Hode Group jack@hodegroup.com

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