Do You Know The Monsters Lurking In Your Business? With Maggie Mongan

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Nov 11 2020 • 34 mins

In this episode with Maggie Mongan, we go deep in understanding and recognizing the Monster that lurks within your business. She also provides six great steps on marketing and sales.


Key takeaways from Maggie:

  • Show up every day
  • Celebrate small successes every day
  • Not time management but self-management
  • Simplify your business by setting up routines

Maggie Mongan, of Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc., introduces a new way of conducting business!

Her clients learn how to tame the business monster they created.

Then, she gets busy helping them build a simplified business model for success, by implementing her proprietary framework of The 4 Performance Pillars for Small BusinessTM (Profitability, People, Productivity, and Peace). Bottom line: Maggie swiftly helps Small Business Owners succeed by simplifying strategies and aligning actions to build their profitable and peaceful business.

Maggie is a Master Business Coach, Strategist, & Trainer, and recognized as a Thought Leader of Small Business.

In 2003 she founded a Premier Business Coaching Practice, specializing in Leadership & Enterprise-wide Small Business Coaching known as Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.

She founded a #1 Annual Bestselling Business Book Series for Small Businesses, including its dedicated app, weekly podcast, and annual online summit. She is an avid blogger, international speaker, course creator, and community builder.

Maggie is seriously committed to bolstering Business Excellence. Her passion has been with bolstering the Small Business Sector for almost 20 years. She says, “After all, all business begins small”. Being a serial entrepreneur, she should know!

She is known for working with clients, who are committed to creating what she calls a “Brilliant Business”. Together, they intentionally build a simplified business of profitability and peace, while releasing the old under-performing business. And this, is precisely why Maggie is in high demand!

Maggie is a Wisconsinite, who appreciates stargazing and Harley cruising. She is still madly in love with the US Marine she married in the early 80s and toured with him. Her adult sons are highly accomplished in their respective musical careers. Above all, Maggie is a Possibilitarian.

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