Dominance, Alpha and Pack Leader - The Good, the Bad, and the Useless (not in that order).

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Sep 27 2022 • 14 mins

Hello and thanks for joining me!

I am guessing most of you are not proponents of methods that take a "dominance" approach. What does this really entail? And how is it different from Alpha and Pack Leader?

There are common exercises in dominance training that may not seem as though they would have a negative effect, and, in fact, are part of mainstream dog training.  Is going through a door first harmful or simply counterproductive? Can this routine lead to dominance, and will that achieve the goal of addressing unwanted behavior? How do dogs perceive these exercises and the theory of dominance?

This episode raises some interesting thoughts on how mainstream dog training can, unintentionally, decrease the bond between you and your dog, and effect the success of your training routine.  Or perhaps your dog simply thinks you are not very bright!

I then provide some suggestions for exercises to try at home to improve the bond and increase your communication with your dog.

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