What you should know about starting an NFT collection

Onchain Medley

Feb 3 2022 • 41 mins

Ancient Warriors is an NFT collection that features warriors from some of the greatest African and Latin American empires in history. The team launched this project because they noticed a lack of representation in the NFT space.

In this episode, we discuss Emmanuel's background and interest in Web3, his reason for starting the Ancient Warriors Project, how he and his co-founders found & convinced artists to work with them, pitfalls and learnings along the way. Emmanuel also shared his number one advice to anyone looking to launch an NFT collection.

Topics & Timeline

  • 2:40 - Emmanuel's Background
  • 4:35 - What sparked Emmanuel's interest in NFTs
  • 6:25 - How Ancient Warriors NFT got started
  • 10:40 - How the team found and convinced Artists to work with them
  • 15:30 -  How the team  decided on the number of NFTs in the Ancient Warriors collection
  • 19:45 - Vision and Roadmap for Ancient Warriors
  • 25:30 - Pitfalls en route to Launch
  • 29:40 - Emmanuel's Number One Advice
  • 32:00 - Factors that went into selecting a blockchain to build on
  • 34:30 - What's next for the Ancient Warriors team
  • 38:55 - Emmanuel's Recommended Resources

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