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Kim Komando

Each day, Kim Komando shares the tech news that impacts you, smart tips to get more out of your devices, and essential ways to protect yourself from hackers and scammers — all in just 30 minutes. Want more from Kim? Try her free, smart tech newsletters at read less

Our Editor's Take

Kim Komando Today is a great listen for those who seek tech insight, guidance, and information. It's no secret that technology news rules the headlines. With so much tech and advancement out there, there's never a dull moment in the tech world. But with so much information, how can interested listeners keep up with the latest and most important? This podcast is here to solve that problem. Hosted by Kim Komando herself, this show engages listeners with the need-to-know tech news. But it also provides tips, tricks, and safety tips.

Best known as a tech and gadget expert, Komando knows her way around technology. She hosts several radio shows and is the author of many tech-related books. Komando is a featured tech-expert guest on major news networks as well. In other words, she is well-qualified to give tech advice. Her quippy style and matter-of-fact reporting are refreshing and engaging. This personality makes her podcast informative, easy to listen to, and entertaining.

On Kim Komando Today, the topics vary from luxury electric vehicles to unblockable spam texts. But the tech theme is always the same. The podcast aims to offer insightful advice in an hour or less. Listeners can hear Kim Komando Today on Amazon Music now.

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