This is the Way: Following God One Pedal at a Time, with Doug Search – EM271

Engaging Missions

Oct 30 2019 • 57 mins

The Bible is God’s letter to all people, and it’s central in teaching us about who God is. Douglas Search joins the show to share about how he is working to get more Bibles in more hands across the world. Doug has travelled to places like Kenya, New Zealand, South Africa, and Ghana to bring Megavoice audio Bibles to people who don’t have one.

For a few years, Doug worked at a Bible school in Jerusalem, and the story of how he got there is a testimony of God’s faithfulness. Over and over, he mentions how God led him in ways he never expected. Doug is passionate about teaching the Bible to people and seeing people grow in their love for the Scriptures.

Love Never Fails International:

Biking for Bibles:

Question of the Week:

What We Talked About

  • 00:24 - Episode Introduction
  • 01:16 - Love Never Fails International
  • 02:21 - Doug Search of Biking for Bibles
  • 02:38 - What led to your love of the Bible?
  • 03:33 - A growing passion for the words of God
  • 04:02 - The story and importance of Israel
  • 05:13 - From a sense to setting foot in the nation
  • 06:11 - Jerusalem Teaching Site
  • 11:32 - Did your family go with you?
  • 13:37 - Moments of God’s provision
  • 16:55 - The impact of knowing God’s Scripture
  • 19:42 - Transitioning to spending time in Africa
  • 24:43 - What did you do in South Africa?
  • 26:00 - Biking for Bibles
  • 35:07 - How can people partner with you?
  • 38:28 - Where did “3,800 kilometers” come from?
  • 43:10 - How can we best pray for you?
  • 47:03 - A call to pray for Doug
  • 48:48 - Question of the Week

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