25: The Big Vegcast

Easy English: Learn English with everyday conversations

Oct 2 2023 • 22 mins

Stolen from an Easy German Podcast episode, Mitch and Isi talk vegetables. They decide what is an A-lister vegetable and an SAS vegetable. They ponder if can you do anything with sprouts and why celery taste between horseradish and toothpaste. They talk about the infamous seasonal greens, the best type of potatoes, how to cook without meat... and onions and Mitch reveals his deep, deep, resentful hatred for parsnips. Interactive Transcript Support Easy English and get interactive transcripts and bonus content for all our episodes: easyenglish.fm/membership Transcript Intro Mitch: 0:24 (Morning.) Good morning. Wow, it's the first Easy English podcast with a coffee. Isi: [0:29] Yeah, do you think our voice, my voice is weird? Mitch: [0:31] Yeah. Isi: [0:32] This is me, Isi. It's a bit harsh, isn't it? Okay, morning, morning podcast, with a coffee. Mitch: [0:42] And a blues, a blues voice. Isi: [0:44] A blues voice. I have a really good topic. Which I really wanted to do. And you maybe, don't believe that it's a good topic. It's actually stolen. I have heard it on the Easy German Podcast before. And I was a big fan of it, because I was so amazed of how much this topic gives you. I think it could even be two episodes, Mitch. Mitch: [1:09] Yeah, I'm a believer. Isi: [1:12] So this will be about veg and fruits. We are talking about different fruits and veg, we're obviously telling you how they're called in English, we will see if we like them, what we do with them, if we hate them. We're vegetarians, so we do eat a lot of veg and fruits, which doesn't mean that, if you're not a vegetarian you don't eat a lot of veg and fruits. But we love it, so we will go through all of them, not through all of them, there are lot of... I have some lists in front of me. There are a lot of veg and fruit that I've never heard of. Mitch: [1:50] There are fruits and veg from England and Germany that we wouldn't know? Isi: [1:54] Well, I just have lists that, I think, include everything, of the world. Should I do only fruits and veg of England? No. Mitch: [2:01] I think England and Germany probably have something similar. Before we start, can we play a game? How many vegetables do you think you can name in 30 seconds? Isi: [2:13] Vegetables? Mitch: [2:13] Just vegetables. (Six) i can name seven. (Eight.) You sure? (Yeah.) in 30 seconds? Nine. Isi: [2:26] Let me go through them again. Mitch: [2:28] No, that's not the point. Isi: [2:29] Of course we know much more. Mitch: [2:31] Yeah, but saying it, making it come to your mind in 30 seconds is stressful. (10.) Okay, bet. Liar. (Okay.) Are you ready? I get a timer. (Yeah.) Okay, lining up 30 seconds. Stop thinking of vegetables. Oh no, and fruits. Isi: [2:46] I'm a blackout. (Ready?) Fruits as well? That's too easy. We said veg. Mitch: [2:51] Okay, vegetables. Are you ready? (Oh yeah.) Three, two, one. Isi: [2:55] Tomato, pepper, courgette, aubergine, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, bean sprouts, rocket, carrots. Did I do carrots already? I did carrots already. (You've already done more than nine.) No, it wasn't. No, ten I have to say. Mitch: [3:09] Is it ten? One more vegetable. One more veg! Eight seconds, seven seconds. One more vegetable, there's so many! Five, four, three. (Beetroot.) Yeah! Oh, it's stressful, isn't it? Support Easy English and get interactive transcripts and bonus content for all our episodes: easyenglish.fm/membership