Ep 14 Adulting: Friendship BreakUps / Lane Moore and Annie Cathryn

The Human Challenge

Nov 18 2023 • 27 mins

Is it really that much harder to make friends as we age?


And why is this something we don't talk about?

Award-winning author, artist, and activist, Vanessa Ferlaino, gets the answers -- and some much needed feedback -- in her discussion with Lane Moore, comedian, musician and author of "You Will Find Your People" and good friend, Annie Cathryn, author of bestselling book, "The Friendship BreakUp".

Offering both a prescriptive and fictional perspective, we will hear the story of the often ignored breakup --and sometimes the most trying ones... the ones with our friends.

The stories may be different, the lessons the same: finding closure, finding balance, and finding Self.

Learn more about Lane Moore here and Annie Cathryn here.

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