Sexual Healing with Patrick Prohaska

Your Divine Uniqueness

Sep 23 2022 • 1 hr 1 min

Patrick Prohaska is a Spiritual counselor, Author and Mystic. As a teacher, healer, and author, Patrick has helped thousands of clients and students embrace success, joy, and authenticity. He specializes in consciousness expansion and trauma recovery. In this Episode, Patrick brings deep healing and understanding about sexual trauma and related limiting baggage; and why many are disconnected from their sexuality. He also talks about sexual liberation and experiencing a deeper embodiment of your personal and spiritual power. He shares great insights on different subjects related to sexuality, such as: The importance of sexual healing Sexual shame and guilt The negative effects dogmatic beliefs can have, which repress sexual energy and affect a sinful image to it The exchange of the energy that happens during a sexual connection, and how to make it a balanced and serving exchange being in the present moment using your sexual power for creativity embracing both the physical and spiritual aspects of sexuality how a sexual relationship can be a deep mystical experience that enhances your life and more... Patrick also performs a powerful activation to purge shame energy. Patrick's Website: Join the LIVE sessions: Our Special Programs & Offers: