[Episode 16] Season 8, Episode 16 of The Walking Dead, "Wrath"


Apr 16 2018 • 1 hr 38 mins

#TWDseason8 FINALE! ALL remaining video podcasts should be uploaded to our #FacebookPage over the weekend (4/21)! We're working our TAIL-FEATHERS to record and edit the #FearTWD season premiere before the #FearTWDseason4's 2nd episode airs! * A taste, rather than teaser, for #TWDseason9: No hand-holding and definitely no cuddling * #RickGrimes is finally ready to hear about #CarlGrimes' last moments with #Siddiq. #RIPCarl * Why #Negan has to go (AKA, no more #TeamNegan) and we shouldn't need to worry about people when the world is full of #Walkers * #MorganJones, Rick, and even Negan and Why we need to hold onto the ideas of the people we've lost: a guide to not losing yourself * Negan's rapid downfall is directly due to him discarding his philosophy * Why is Henry dressed like Gavin? * Jerry & #KingEzekiel's dialog is everything. #GoodSpirits * Burning #AMC's swear-word allotment and how it creates more "creative" dialogue * Gregory mouse is locked in the house (at #TheHilltop): This episode was definitely cut for time * Defending Hilltop: #TheOceanside #Ewoks are hardcore pyros * Gregory might be a tool for #TheDarkSide: #MaggieRhee, #DarylDixon, and Jesus are going down a dark path * Is Gracie a ward of The State or officially Rick's daughter? * Henry's bold intervention: breaking (down) Morgan's murder-bot cycle. * Negan's final(?) confessional with #FatherGabriel: a chance to explain his plan for A.H.K. * What lead to #EugenePorter's master stroke: Gabriel's bravery despite his vulnerability; #Rosita's chastising; remembering his bravery with #AbrahamFord; embracing his talent for bullshitting * Maybe the hate will stop flowing through #JoshMcDermitt's #CyberBullies: Eugene's hero status and Day of the Tentacle future * Morgan & Jesus' Ebony & Ivory moment makes #JesusWalkingDead's collusion with Maggie perplexing * Dave's positive #SurvivalSunday #TWDxFearTWD experience * The immediate surrender #TheSavior prior to Rick & Negan's moment of reckoning * Deconstructing the time-stopping moment that grabbed us during Rick & Negan's fight * We thought Maggie was the one who had her shit the most together, until her unexpected and heart-plummeting reaction to Rick's decision to save Negan * At the end of the day, Rick saving Negan employs Negan's own philosophy: people really are a resource * Folks, don't write "slit his throat" in your intra-office messaging * Negan's almost-final words, about Carl not knowing shit, forces Rick to finally snap out of it and embrace Carl's ideas * The Megaherd and what it means for Season 9: Carol is pissed that they didn't tease this out more at the end of the episode * Why The Saviors gave up so quickly * Turncoats: what this secret civil war might mean for Negan & Daryl * Who becomes Negan's budding-relationship jailor (if any at all), now that Carl's gone? * #JeffreyDeanMorgan's beard: Season 9 starts filming next week! * Negan admits that Rick was his first choice to kill, to serve as an example for the rest, but couldn't do it in Carl's presence * Carol's and Dave's alternate end scene to the season finale --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/squawkingdead/message

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