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Oct 27 2023 • 34 mins


Dive deep into the heart of the city with "Urban Vibes" – a transcendent blend of rhythms that captures the essence of the streets! This DJ B-EAZY mixtape is not just a collection; it's an experience. From the pulse of Hip Hop to the sultry allure of R&B and the electrifying beats of Afrobeat, every track is a journey through the soul of urban music.

🎵 Highlights 🎵

  • Hip Hop Rawness: Feel the streets come alive with hard-hitting beats, slick flows, and lyrical prowess.
  • R&B Sensuality: Get lost in the emotional depths of soulful melodies and passionate vocals.
  • Afrobeat Fever: Travel across continents with contagious rhythms that'll make you dance like nobody's watching.

🌟 Dive into the soundscape of the city. From rooftop lounges to underground clubs, from the heartbeats of bustling markets to serene sunset cityscapes - "Urban Vibes" is your passport to an auditory urban adventure.

Hit play, and let the journey begin. Your soul will thank you. 🎧✨🌃

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