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Disgraceland is a music and true crime podcast that tells the jaw dropping stories of musicians behaving very badly… and some even getting away with murder. Named “Best Podcast” by the Webby Awards and multiple winner at the iHeart Podcast Awards, Disgraceland dives into the unbelievable histories of the world’s most famous musical artists. Jerry Lee Lewis committing murder? Guns ‘N Roses inciting a riot? Jay Z’s nightclub stabbing? Cardi B’s admitted robberies? Taylor Swift’s many stalkers? Host Jake Brennan gets into all of this and more. Listen to new episodes of Disgraceland every Tuesday wherever you get you podcasts. And for even more episodes, check out all nine seasons for free only on Amazon Music: amazon.com/Disgraceland.

Our Editor's Take

Do you love true crime and legendary musicians? The DISGRACELAND podcast is a one-of-a-kind true crime series that focuses solely on the music industry. Join host Jake Brennan in each hour-long episode as he uncovers the murky doings (and undoings) of some of the greatest rock bands of all time. Follow this true crime podcast as it details rock 'n' roll musicians getting away with murder, after-parties getting dangerously out of hand, famous Hollywood rockers joining cults, and much more.

Drug busts are commonplace among the rock pantheon, but your average knock on the door from the cops isn't what this is about. Some of the more extreme drug stories make it to the podcast, but try turning the scandal up to 11. You might not be shocked by the Sex Pistols' or Ozzy Osbourne's exploits (as unbelievable as they are), but Whitney Houston, The Beatles, Amy Winehouse, and many others may surprise you—pushing social boundaries in private, then appearing on mainstream TV the next day.

Jake Brennan has cultivated a double-whammy award-winning podcast, a beautiful blend of true crime and music history. He's a cultivated storyteller and rock historian who spins a riveting and dramatic true crime story like no other. This isn't a podcast to comfortably lull you to sleep, so get ready to gasp at these tales of rock 'n' roll excess. Listen to DISGRACELAND now on Amazon Music.

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