Your Busy Mind Is Not the Problem

Meditation Changes Everything

Dec 9 2023 • 37 mins

“You don’t need to have a quiet mind to meditate. In fact, having a quiet mind really limits the potential of your meditation because meditation isn’t about just sitting in a still, calm, empty place. It’s a path for gaining insight into the nature of the mind — insight into the nature of reality.” – Craig Hamilton

In this episode, Craig explores what it really means to be “free from the mind” in meditation. You’re probably familiar with the idea that meditation is about going beyond the mind, but how do we actually do this? And why does it often seem so difficult?

Craig shares three perspectives on one of the most common confusions people encounter when starting a meditation practice—the misconception that the goal in meditation is to have a quiet mind.  Craig confronts us with the fact that the only reason we find it hard to let go of the mind is that we’re interested in what the mind is telling us. What if we became even more interested in what lies beyond the mind?

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