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There's a lot of bullshit out there, this show is here to help you cut through the noise, dogma and pseudoscience. But not in a boring, freshman science class kind of way. We want to show you that taking your health and fitness seriously can be fun too. There's no universal path the wellness. On this show we'll share what the research shows on key exercise and nutrition topics, lay out the pros and cons, and help you figure out what's best for you - perfect little snowflake that you are. So, if you want to be fit, but also still enjoy life, give us a listen. read less

SS 299 - Weed 101 with Tim Pellerin of PAX Labs
Jan 12 2021
SS 299 - Weed 101 with Tim Pellerin of PAX Labs
In this episode, Grant and Heavey are joined by Tim Pellerin, General Manager of PAX Labs.  As a leader in the cannabis space, from regulation to product innovation, Tim is helping to transform the industry and establish cannabis as a force for good.  The boys chat all things cannabis: from regulations, delivery mechanisms, strains and health effects.  If you’re pot-curious, this one's for you! If you like Heavey's take on health and fitness be sure to subscribe to his weekly emails where he shares his favorite tips and tricks. And if you enjoy nerding out on health and fitness with Coach Heavey, be sure to check out his main project, Evidence Based Athlete.   1:14 Whiskey Club and Brain Trust 1:57 Meet Tim Pellerin 6:24 Cannabis came following… 6:46 Stigmas with marijuana 8:45 Legalization vs decriminalization 10:15 More and more people are pot-curious 11:38 It affects everyone differently 13:53 Method of consumption is related to the experience you want to have and also how you want it to onset 14:21 What is a cultivar ...and legacy market? 15:57 Indica vs Sativa as different forms of the plant 17:40 All about sativa  18:56 Try it out low and slow 20:31 Certificate of analysis for weed 22:54 Evidence based research on CBD 28:18 Topical applications of CBD- is that real or placebo? 31:03 Cannabis vs the hemp plant 31:55 Appetite suppression effects 32:29 Different delivery mechanisms 34:04 The flower, vapes/oils and concentrates 36:34 Edibles  37:07 Beverage technology for cannabis 39:19 Vaping vs combustion for health 41:55 Confusion around vaping- is it dangerous? 45:30 The Pax App 50:18 Dose control 55:18 Strength and Scotch during a half marathon 57:26 Terpenes 59:20 Go-to Le Froid 1:01.55 Sommelier appearance, nose, taste 1:03.58 Canadian whisky