7@7 #131: Exposing Evil 1

Baptist on the Bible

Jun 6 2022 • 6 mins

Are you awakened by Scripture? Or, do you slumber surrounded by evil? (Dan. 8:15-22). Pastor/Professor Andrew Marquez observes how God's Word exposes evil. Daniel receives an interpretation of his vision. Daniel sees a glimpse of God that results in him falling to the ground. Daniel collapses almost instinctively in a similar manner to the experiences of Isaiah and Ezekiel. He is awaked by Gabriel, the great messenger of God. Gabriel guides Daniel through the vision, summarizing the major kingdoms represented by the animals. How do you respond to God's Word? Do you reverence it, recognizing its source? Do you appreciate its value for the present and the future? Does it change your disposition. God's Word exposes evil and prepares us to stand in the day of trouble.

Dr. Andrew Marquez is Director/Dean of Wayland Baptist University's Arizona Campuses (www.wbu.edu/arizona) and Executive Pastor of North Swan Baptist Church (www.northswanbaptist.com).