What to Know About Multi-Tiered System of Supports as a High School Counselor with Dr. Jake Olsen and Dr. Peg Donohue [Replay]

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Dec 11 2023 • 51 mins

Are you familiar with MTSS? In case you aren’t, MTSS stands for Multi-Tiered System of Support. Essentially, it is a framework that helps schools be effective and efficient in identifying and supporting kids who need academic, social, emotional, or college and career development support.   Today, we are re-airing one of the most popular episodes from this year, where I had Dr. Jake Olsen and Dr. Peg Donohue join me on the show to talk about MTSS in high school counseling. They have extensive experience consulting high schools through the MTSS process and tiered support.   During our conversation, Dr. Olsen and Dr. Donohue shared what MTSS is and how to implement it in high school settings, the three different tiers of intervention, the specific challenges that come when implementing at the high school level, and how to create a MTSS task force and successfully implement MTSS in high schools.

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