Creating an Emotionally Intelligent Environment: Handling Anger and Building Emotional Vocabulary in Children

Kids These Days need us to Make Words Matter for good

Jun 19 2023 • 14 mins

Do you ever find yourself struggling to handle your child's anger or even your own anger around them? Join me as we explore ways to be intentional when we get angry and how to help kids understand and express their anger in a healthy way. Recognizing that kids often lack proper models for responding to anger, we'll dive into strategies for improving our own modeling, creating a space for healthy expression of emotions, and ensuring that we don't shut down their anger.

Additionally, this episode shares the importance of teaching kids a more sophisticated emotional vocabulary. Don't we all sometimes feel stuck trying to accurately describe our emotions? Here you'll find tips on how to have conversations with kids about their emotions, using feelings lists to help them identify and express their feelings, and also explore how we, as adults, can improve our own emotional vocabulary. Tune in to discover how to create a more emotionally intelligent environment for both yourself and your children, and help them thrive!