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Jodie Greer

This Be #PeopleSmart podcast series, featuring our amazing guest speakers, is intended to enable disability inclusion and accessibility. We will talk about all things human and day to day life, as well as challenges at work and in society. If you want to be people smart, these aren't to be missed. This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Chartable - read less

Myth Busting - Oh yes we can
Jul 28 2022
Myth Busting - Oh yes we can
Be #PeopleSmart Founder, Jodie Greer, chats with Zubee Kibria, Communications, Research, and Events Manager at Access My Events, about some misconceptions that continue to be voiced about disabled people.Jodie and Zubee are busting the myths that:"Disabled people can't get a proper education" and "Disabled people can't get married or have children".Are you surprised that these are myths? Or, are you surprised that these myths still exist?Jodie and Zubee share how they both continue to hear these assumptions voiced in today's society. As well as setting the record straight on these myths, Zubee also gives us an insight in to what it's like to be a disabled person within the Asian community. You can find Jodie and Zubee on LinkedIn and Zubee on Twitter - @Zubalicious1. Find out more about Be #PeopleSmart via our website. Access My Events is a unique start up business designed to give disabled people the opportunity to attend events in the UK, that are accessible. Attending events herself, Zubee found that not all businesses know how to cater for everyone. Therefore, her aim is to build partnerships with businesses to enable Access My Events to promote the event to the disability community across social media and through networks. Zubee also works with businesses to enable them to make their events accessible.Find Access My Events on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.Check out Disability Horizons, to learn more about them and to sign up for their newsletter.Accessible transcript documents, with thanks to our partners Just: Access, are available via our website leave us a rating, we love to know what you think. And why not subscribe? There are even more great guest speakers to come.This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Chartable -