Ableset the missing link!

Music Explored Podcast

Apr 10 2024 • 32 mins


In this conversation, Dee and Anthony interview Leo Bernard, the founder and developer of AbleSet, a software solution for managing set-lists and controlling playback in Ableton Live. Leo shares his background in music and software development, as well as the inspiration behind creating AbleSet. The conversation covers the challenges faced by musicians in live performances and how AbleSet addresses those challenges. Leo discusses the features of AbleSet, including remote control of playback computers, dynamic looping of song sections, and the ability to change set-lists on the fly. He also mentions future updates and integrations he is considering for AbleSet. In this conversation, Leo discusses the capabilities of AbleSet, a software that enhances the functionality of Ableton Live for live performances. He explains how AbleSet allows users to reorder songs and create random set-lists, making it easier for party bands and musicians to perform on the fly. Leo also shares the challenges he faced in developing AbleSet and the lack of official support from Ableton. Despite this, he has received endorsements from respected Ableton certified professionals. Leo talks about his other projects and applications outside of AbleSet and his goals for the future. He also shares his passion for music and attending concerts.


  • AbleSet is a software solution that simplifies managing setlists and controlling playback in Ableton Live.
  • The inspiration for AbleSet came from Leo's experience as a musician in a band that needed a solution for managing complex live performances.
  • AbleSet allows musicians to remotely control their playback computer, change setlists on the fly, and dynamically loop song sections.
  • Leo is grateful for the feedback and support from AbleSet users and is constantly working on improving the software. AbleSet allows users to reorder songs and create random setlists, making live performances more flexible and dynamic.
  • Developing AbleSet presented challenges, but Leo was determined to find solutions and improve the functionality of Ableton Live.
  • Leo has received endorsements from respected Ableton certified professionals, highlighting the value and effectiveness of AbleSet.
  • Leo's passion for music extends beyond AbleSet, as he has created other projects and applications in the multimedia field.

Sound Bites

00:00 Introduction and Background

01:22 Introduction to AbleSet

02:48 Inspiration for AbleSet

04:01 Leo's Background in Software Development

05:23 First Issue: Remote Control of Playback Computer

06:36 Second Issue: Changing Setlist on the Fly

09:26 Dynamic Looping of Song Sections

12:27 Development and Commercialization of AbleSet

15:30 Future Updates and Integrations

18:33 AbleSet's Capabilities

19:10 Reordering Songs and Random Setlists

20:02 Challenges and Solutions

21:10 Lack of Official Support from Ableton

22:08 Endorsements and Frustrations

23:49 Other Projects and Applications

25:31 Attending NEM and Future Plans

27:19 Goals for AbleSet

28:04 Unwinding and Hobbies

28:51 Favorite Concerts

30:14 Concerts on the Bucket List

31:17 Social Media and Closing Remarks