A Life Less Restless

Meeting Mister Gogus

May 24 2020 • 43 mins

‘The pandemic lockdown is easing as regulations are relaxed. The restless world is released from its enforced pause and now it’s eager to be busy again. There is more traffic, more noise. Only the dead may rest in peace - not the restless living.

‘As governments try to contain the spread of the virus, and at the same time control the return to 'normality', so we have to find a new and better way to live, while containing pent-up anxiety and agitation. We have to relax the psychological regulations we impose on ourselves, such as what we’re supposed to think, according to the stories we tell ourselves about what we want from life.

‘In this episode I speak about three ways to train yourself to be less restless. So that you can restrain your anxious thinking and be alert to what's actually happening as the situation changes.'

Episode recorded 19 May 2020.

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