Awaken the Sleeper

Nick Castellano with Andrew Houglum

Our show will be about a variety of topics from Current Events, Current and New Technologies, Tales from the Energy Sector, Politics and Government as well as religion and uncovering in depth the TRUTH behind what we are being told in all arenas. Our goal is to take views from all sides on these matters and teach you how to not become “sheeple” following what the media, government, religious sects or energy sectors tell us and how to discern the actual truth behind controversial topics and make that truth your truth. Awaken from your slumber and decipher and discern the rhetoric that you are being fed to formulate your own opinion on matters and not just regurgitate that which the media has inundated you with! We’ll help you to truly be awake and form your own opinion and then require an action step based on this new found truth.