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Christi Anne Bela

“Unbuckled” is where you will be seen and heard. It features world-renowned guests in the fields of spiritality, sexual health, wellness and coaching. No topic is taboo. These doctors, authors, speakers, teachers and healers want to hear your stories, so together we can get raw and real.brbr Christi Anne Bela and her guests are here to help you get out of your own way and gain the insight you need to build a life you love. The intimacy of understanding brings empowerment to all your connections. Get clear on what matters and make your boundaries your superpowers.brbr Anything we are too afraid to talk about is holding us hostage, and it is time to name it, claim it, lean in and do all the hard things, let vulnerability crack the heart wide open and let the light shine through.brbr “Unbuckled” gets to what’s underneath, past the fears of shame and up to the glory of sharing authentically. Christi Anne doesn't shy away from anything and empowers you to speak your mind. read less
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Don't Yuck the Yum
Feb 25 2022
Don't Yuck the Yum
Mamie the Intimacy Coach has always been fascinated by sexuality. I noticed her IG @Southern_Sex_Ed and realized, YES! We are both talking about sex in cities and places where this hadn't been a conversation or it is happening in a very limited way. I believe that trusting there is room for all of what gives you pleasure and there is someone else who loves what you love, but we only find them by talking about sex. Let's get to De-Shamifying. Learn to not yuck the yum! Give yourself permission to like the things you like and allow room for other people to like whatever it is they do (among consenting adults, of course). Mamie began studying sex and intimacy, uncovering old patterns and cultivating a new, intentional landscape of sexuality and pleasure. We dive into how Inner Child work (healing, reparenting, interrupting generational trauma) plays a role in Relationship Anarchy. Located in Columbia, South Carolina, she has the privilege off holding virtual sessions with clients in other parts of the world. By having more conversations about sex especially in places where curiosity and compassion are lacking, we increase self-awareness: specifically Emotional Literacy (understanding emotional body cues in the same way we identify hunger). When we talk about sex we need to be looking at the shadow sides of trying to connect, like Frat Culture (hazing, trauma bonds as the only way to access intimate connection). Mamie says if we are paying attention to what *feels good* in sex, and all parts of life, there is greatness in the vulnerable messiness of being human. She encourages you to ask yourself: How often are we unconsciously enduring discomfort? How often are we led by pleasure?