Unbuckled, with Intimacy Architect Christi Anne Bela

Christi Anne Bela

“Unbuckled” is where you will be seen and heard. It features world-renowned guests in the fields of spiritality, sexual health, wellness and coaching. No topic is taboo. These doctors, authors, speakers, teachers and healers want to hear your stories, so together we can get raw and real.brbr Christi Anne Bela and her guests are here to help you get out of your own way and gain the insight you need to build a life you love. The intimacy of understanding brings empowerment to all your connections. Get clear on what matters and make your boundaries your superpowers.brbr Anything we are too afraid to talk about is holding us hostage, and it is time to name it, claim it, lean in and do all the hard things, let vulnerability crack the heart wide open and let the light shine through.brbr “Unbuckled” gets to what’s underneath, past the fears of shame and up to the glory of sharing authentically. Christi Anne doesn't shy away from anything and empowers you to speak your mind.
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Nov 5 2021
1 hr
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I was about 10 years old when I watched Pretty Woman for the first time, a sort of Cinderella story, except she was a hooker instead of an orphan. That Halloween I wanted to dress up like a Hooker, and to my surprise, my Mom agreed. I guess Julia Roberts really is America's Sweetheart, for a moment she made Sex Work less offensive. In the years that have followed and for years before, Sex Work has been portrayed in the media as filthy, scandalous, cautionary tails, and the occasional campy look of comedy with the punchline being at the expense of the Sex Worker. I didn't think of my work as a Fetish Model, as Sex Work. Even when I did my one and only appearance in a Porn, I still was filling it under exploration and a way to make quick cash, I had bought into the media idea that a Sex Worker was a Prostitute, meaning they got paid to have sex with people they otherwise wouldn't have sex with. I shifted my point of view the more I dove into the world of BDSM and became a Dominatrix. I soon realized that we are constantly exchanging, sex, money, and power in our lives whether or not we realized it. Now, I know Sex Work and its proper recognition as a vital and intrinsic part of society. When you have a toothache you go to a Dentist and if you have a need to fill it Sexually it is a job for a professional. Sex Work fills so many needs we have that go beyond the physical, in helping people to understand and accept themselves. It is my belief that if Sex Work was legal, there would be less violence, sex trafficking, and abuse of minors. Sex Work is work and deserves respect and recognition for its important role in our world.
Oct 1 2021
1 hr
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