Back to School: Recipe for a Successful School Year

Young & Healthy

Aug 19 2022 • 41 mins

This episode is your cheat sheet for the first few weeks of school, to help your kids start the year strong and set them up for success all year long.

On this episode of Young & Healthy, Carissa Lloyd and Kenny Haber, former special-ed teachers, and school liaisons in our Center for School Services, have all the tips to help students – and their families! - get ready to navigate the school year. They discuss setting schedules for in-person and virtual learning, setting healthy academic goals, studying tips, and preparing for state tests. We also discuss IHPs, 504 Accommodation Plans, and IEPs – the plans that help every child learn in an environment that supports their individual needs. If you have a child starting a new school year, this episode is for you!

To learn more about the Center for School Services, visit here:

For additional resources, please read: Tips for Communicating with Your Child's School