Chapter 11: The Dark Halo

The Endless Elsewhere Podcast

Feb 28 2023 • 47 mins

The storm gathers…

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Lindsay Leck as Lindsay Mallyn

J.P. Leck as The Circle City Collector

Patty Najera-Esparza as Sylvia Flores

Frank Simon as Atlantis Caller #1

Laura Morrison Richcreek as Atlantis Caller #2

Tasha Simon as Fran

J.P. Leck as the Devil Doll

Stephen E. Foxworthy as Keith Sorrels and Fredrick Hardesty

Thomas Machin as Clarence Grindle

The Endless Elsewhere Podcast was created by J.P. Leck.

It is written, directed, edited, recorded, engineered, and mixed by J.P. Leck.

All rights reserved.

Original music from Revealing Deities and Miscreations by Hans Leck.

Additional music from Zapsplat and Purple Planet.

Artwork by J.P. Leck.

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