#027: Encino Man vs. Blast From the Past

Film Fights

Mar 24 2021 • 1 hr 20 mins

It's time to go back, Marty.  Back to the Fraser!  It's fish-out-of-water (not really but sorta time travel, too?  Time capsule?  One of those.) Fraser movies this week pitting together the classic(?) Encino Man and forgettable(?) Blast From the Past.  Definitely some pros and Kons.  Konrad will be there.  He always is.  And Jono too.

Tangents include Divorced With Children, Stair Bed, Hot Dr. Pepper with Dick Clark, Alicia Silverstone's jabroni agent, Seinfeld Casting, and Pizza Steak.

Theme by Math the Band.  Long Liquid Lunch by Konrad Hartman.