#8 Nothing Is Off-Limits for Isaac Butterfield

The Darren Levy podCARst

Oct 26 2021 • 22 mins

Today's guest is the beard-bearing, Isaac Butterfield.

Isaac is an Aussie comedian who has no trouble selling out shows when he tours. A large reason for this is because he isn't afraid of speaking his mind, which sometimes means being controversial.

As I interview more and more comedians, I'm noticing a trend in the way that they see the world of comedy. First and foremost, they want to make people laugh BUT they also possess an inner child curiously wherein if they have a crazy idea for a joke, regardless of whether it is politically correct or offensive, they have to make that joke on stage.

They just have to see what happens when they say what they are thinking. The thing is, if the crowd laughs, they have to make that joke again.

When comedians get 'cancelled', you have to understand that the jokes they are telling on stage at their filmed and planned comedy special is likely the 100th time (if not more) that they have told that particular joke to an audience. It only stays in the show if it gets the laugh and to a comedian such as Isaac Butterfield, it seems like nothing is off-limits. Laughter is king.

This is the sport of stand-up comedy. Pair that with the sport that is social media and Isaac Butterfield is someone who objectively plays the game very well.

I took Isaac from a stand-up gig to his dinner plans for the evening and we got into some fantastic and even deep conversation. Enjoy!

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