What can we doooo Legalman?

The Quash

Sep 19 2021 • 25 mins

If you like The Quash you can get even more Quash and help make the show possible. Got to patreon.com/theQuash and become a member. I make lots of additional material inside there and I have a live 90 minute call in show for members every other saturday night where I talk to the people. In this episode I break down several simple things, which if implemented, would totally change the way things operate in our system. None of them require a constitutional convention. Most can be done at a state level. People always ask what can we do? Well here are some things. The Quash comes out on Sundays with a bonus show on some Thursdays for the public. AH episodes have more harsh language. You can follow me on Twitter I'm Legalman@USlawreview You can read my articles at thetruthaboutthelaw.com