Jimmy Gagnon: Director of Sales @ Vidyard


May 12 2022 • 38 mins

On this episode, Jimmy Gagnon - Director of Sales @ Vidyard joins me to share his story! Jimmy was a top hockey prospect long before he ever got into sales and had a big decision to make that altered his life: a life of playing hockey with the hopes of making the NHL or an education to build a foundation for a business career.  After graduating from Acadia university, Jimmy took the opportunity to play hockey in Australia and what an experience that was.  Once back in Canada, as so many have done, his first sales opportunity was with Xerox and that is where I first met Jimmy.  Copier sales is brass knuckles tough but he figured out a way to get it done and after almost 7 years in various successful sales and enablement roles, it was on to his next venture - Vidyard.  Almost 8 years now at Vidyard and he is still elevating his sales game.  Enjoy Jimmy's story!

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