TL208 - Superman & Lois - S2E11 - Truth and Consequences

Tomorrow's Legends

May 7 2022 • 1 hr 52 mins

The Waverider has followed Superman back  through the portal to our Smallville.   Superman stops the merging of the two Jon's but Bizarro Jon is reaking havoc all over town causing people to question our Jon. It is also putting the Kent family secrects in jepordy. Bizarro Jon kidnaps Lana to prep her for merging and also to draw Superman into a trap and it works. Lana has to pull kryptonite out of him so he can go save his son. Jordan and Bizarro Jon fight and with Superman's help he is defeated, for now.

The Irons family is trying to help but get a beatdown from Bizarro Lana. Natalie is able to beat her back with XK.

Clark, with his family's permission reveals his secret to Lana. Will Sarah be next? Jordan hopes so!

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