JOANN C. LITTLE - Divorce Help, San Diego, CA Discusses Preparing for Divorce

Impact Makers Radio

Mar 5 2019 • 51 mins

JoAnn C. Little, Certified Financial Planner & Certified Divorce Financial Analyst with a special emphasis on the financial division of assets and debts was recently interviewed on the Impact Makers Radio Show, “Let's Talk Divorce” series where she spoke about the topic of, “Preparing for Divorce.”

During her interview, Little, owner of Divorce Help in San Diego, CA also spoke about of the myths, misconceptions and unknown pitfalls that people need to be aware of when looking for a professional to help them with their divorce-related problems.

Prior to the show, Little spoke with Radio Talk Show Host, Stewart Andrew Alexander, openly, saying, “The notion that divorce might be the only way is scary and emotionally draining. We are able to take some of the unknown away by studying options that makes sense for our clients.”

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