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Laura Smith

Ever wondered how to turn a passion into a thriving seven-figure business? Laura Smith, host of Get Profitable HQ, spills the secrets that helped her overcome shyness and build a successful online business for over a decade. Running a business while juggling family, travel, and a chronic illness is no walk in the park. She gets real about the struggles entrepreneurs face and shares strategies to help you balance life and business. Discover the behind-the-scenes truths that will resonate with every entrepreneur trying to make it work! *Feel a sense of camaraderie as Laura assures you that everyone faces challenges in growing their business. You're not alone, and she's here to prove it! *Demystify the world of business numbers. Feel empowered to befriend and understand your business metrics, laying the foundation for success. *Gain practical insights into growing your email list, boosting conversion rates, and navigating the intricacies of online tools and courses. Laura breaks down tangible steps you can implement right away. If you’re ready to transform your business and life, hit play now. Don't miss out on the community, knowledge, and REAL talk – your journey to business success starts with this podcast!

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Recurring Revenue in Memberships - Is it Really Magic?
May 21 2024
Recurring Revenue in Memberships - Is it Really Magic?
Recurring revenue sounds like magic, right? The idea that you only have to market to someone once and they will continue to pay you month after month. Pretty fantastic! However, the reality is that you still need to market to your members and keep them engaged in order to retain them. In this episode, Laura shares her experiences and lessons learned from running a membership for nine years. She discusses the concept of recurring revenue and the importance of realistic expectations and mindset when it comes to member retention. She also offers advice on starting small and building up, testing new ideas, and the use of free trials. If you're considering starting a membership or looking to improve an existing one, hit play and learn how recurring revenue can be a powerful tool for growing your business and making a positive impact on your members' lives!Key Topics:(02:55) Debunking myths of effortless recurring revenue in memberships(08:25) Rethinking metrics: growth over retention(11:15) Adding new features instead of taking away(13:45) Balancing marketing promises with membership fulfillment realities(15:15) Testing member engagement with limited-time content offerings(17:30) Prioritizing current members(20:00) The importance of knowing your membership numbers(22:20) Strategies for enhancing membership retention and engagementMentioned in the Episode:The Membership GuyGOHQ InsidersMemberpress on WordpressConnect with