Cats: The Movie - Honest Review

Uncultured Pop! Culture

Mar 10 2021 • 1 hr 12 mins

After avoiding it since its initial release, the inevitable has happened. We have seen Cats The Movie. We were scared, disturbed and thanks to our special guest, David Booher, pleasantly surprised. We know the world hated this film and they have every right to, we did our best to not lose it and we TRIED TO KEEP AN OPEN MIND, PEOPLE. We also get to hear more about the comic book series Canto, we have heard about it before from artist Drew Zucker and now you get to hear about it from the other half of the dynamic duo. David also teases a special project he has coming up, but we will have to wait to talk about that one. For now, please enjoy our nicest attempt at a review of the movie from hell. CATS. Follow us on social media @GNPODCASTS and if you like trailers, reviews and to stay up to date on pop culture news, then visit us at and hit that subscribe button to get notified when new content comes out. Thank you for tuning in and remember, EMBRACE YOUR INNER GEEK.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit