Pride & No Prejudice - Talking Canto & Killer Queens with David Booher

Uncultured Pop! Culture

Jun 28 2021 • 1 hr 10 mins

Our good friend and co-creator of the fantasy comic book series Canto returns to talk about his new comic book series from Dark Horse KILLER QUEENS. A limited series about two reformed queer assassins on the run from their former boss, who just so happens to be a monkey with a freaking jet pack and with the undeniably adorable henchmen otters by his side, sets to hunt down our two protagonists Max and Alex as they take on a mission because even sassy assassins have to eat. Cleverly dubbed the "Guardians of the Gaylaxy" by David Booher this new series arrives on August 18th, 2021. David also gives us a brief encounter of how his fantasy series Canto came to be picked up for an animated film and how he nabbed the rights to script the film. Be sure to listen in and preorder Canto, the Collector's Paradise link will give you the opportunity to preorder the entire Killer Queens series signed by David Booher and a certificate of authenticity at cover price, so don't miss out on that opportunity to nab some signed copies for a series that is sure to be a huge hit. Be sure to visit us at to stay up to date on all your geek entertainment news, where you get pop culture news from fans of pop culture, for fans of pop culture. Follow us on social media: Facebook - Geek Network Facebook - Uncultured Pop Culture podcast Twitter - Geek Network Instagram - Geek Network PREORDER: Dark Horse Comics - Killer Queens Collector's Paradise - Killer Queens Follow David Booher on social media: Instagram Twitter Facebook Follow CANTO and KILLER QUEENS on social media: Twitter - Canto Instagram - Canto Instagram- Killer Queens Learn more about your ad choices. Visit