Project 2030

mnemonic security podcast

Jan 3 2022 • 36 mins

Project 2030: Future trends in security

To share the findings from his new report and webseries called Project 2030, Rik Ferguson, the Vice President of Security Research at Trend Micro, chats with Robby about what role cybersecurity will play in year 2030.

Rik has used his over twenty-five years of experience in information security looking forward, sharing what he’s found when trying to anticipate the next ten years of technology, and what opportunities that will mean for cybercriminals. As well as their impact on security, both for the enterprise and for society as a whole.

In their discussions they go into what will change in the sensors and wearables space, and topics like 4D printing, neuralink and cyber-implants. As well as the ethical considerations to the worth of our data and technical tools helping us telling facts from fiction. Rik also shares what he considers the biggest collective risks going forward from a security perspective.

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Produced by Paul Jæger