Workers Compensation Secrets Revealed


Jun 22 2022 • 1 hr 9 mins

Time Schedule: 70 minutes

Summary of Topics Covered:

Introduction of Instructor Josie Sanchez
How does one become a claims analyst
What you should and should not do in working with your claims analyst
Importance of an accurate report of injury
Communicating with your claims analyst
What is proper notice you should receive for a change in benefits
How are IMEs scheduled
How not to upset your claims analyst
Guidelines for claimant attorney communications with claims analyst
Long term injuries and the importance of following up with your doctor
Negotiating final determinations directly with the claims analyst
Red flags, investigations and social media…aka how not to lose your benefits
What to do when benefits are denied and you are waiting for hearing

Instructor Josie Sanchez Bio:

Josie Pacheco is retired from the State of Wyoming after 21 years of service. Josie started at the State of Wyoming with Workers’ Compensation as a reception clerk and started learning the details of the job she would soon do as a claims analyst. She was passionate about her job and was quickly promoted to be an analyst. After about two years as a claims analyst, Josie was managing a case load of between 450 and 500 claims at a time and continued to do so for the next 19 years. She retired in 2018 and is enjoying her retirement and her new hobby of bee keeping, but she still takes calls from her former claimants to help them and answer questions about their cases. Josie has a vast knowledge of the work comp claims process that will be beneficial to claimants and claimant’s attorneys alike.