9. Upanishad Sangrha

Malti Johari's Podcast

Jun 28 2020 • 21 mins

In this second part of the Kathopnishad, the story of Nachiket and Yamraj continues.

Yama tells Nachiket that even the deities (devtas) cannot understand what happens after death. He begs Nachiket to ask for something else. However, Nachiket does not agree. So, Yama offers other things to him, including all the wealth, comforts, etc. of the world, and even offers to allow him to live in Heaven for ever. But, Nachiket is not interested in any of those. He tells Yama, that he being the God of Death is the only one who can answer the question. No one else can. So, he insists on the answer to his question on what happens after death.

Yama then explains to Nachiket what Yama understands of what is the soul and how to know the soul.