8. Zen Haikus: at the time of death

Malti Johari's Podcast

Jul 11 2020 • 19 mins

In this Episode the Zen Haikus of Hanari, Hakun, Hakurin, Fusen, Fuwa, Gimaye, Daibi, Ensai, Enshee, Chaien, Choree, Barseiki, Basho, Baika, Shunoku Soan, Bainen, and Tosui Ankai have been narrated.

The Zen saints at the time of death through their Haikus have provided the wisdom of the circle of life and death. They believe in the concept of re-birth and state that in every birth we receive the fruits of our karma of the previous births.

The Haikus  also provide an insight into life. They say that life is like the Hydrangea flower that changes colours seven times and goes back to it's original colour.

Most of the Zen saints have stated at the time of death that they are conscious that this life was the fruit of their previous lives and they are at the end of this life going happily.