7. Zen Haikus: at the time of death

Malti Johari's Podcast

Jul 10 2020 • 18 mins

In this Episode Haikus written by Zen saints at the time of death has been narrated. It is a tradition in Zen philosophy to write a Haiku at the time of death. The Haikus of Hakuro, Hakusai, Hakuto, Hamai, Hemon, Hankai, Hokusai, Mumon Gensen, Songai Gibbon, Seagun Sai, Shumpo Soaki, Goshu, and Gozan have been translated in Hindi.

The Zen saints emphasize that there is no need to follow any words said by the saints, one needs to find one's own path. They state that life goes even after death and it makes no difference to anyone if one is alive or dead, one needs to move on. Life and death does not need to be explained or discussed, one just must live in the moment. One of the saints in the Haiku has said that the whole of nature is rejoicing on the death of a person, as the soul has been freed from the body.