9. Zen Haikus: at the time of death

Malti Johari's Podcast

Jul 13 2020 • 14 mins

In this Episode the Zen Haikus of Toko, Ta Hui, Kasho, Koho Kenichi, Ikieu Sojun, Hoshin, Dokyo Etan, Ani Benon, Basui Tokuso, Derin Soto, Kenju, Kibai, Koha, Kyokusai, Kozan, Kyoshu, Masahyde, and Mokuku have been narrated.

They state that there are no rules or compulsions in Zen philosophy, and even the writing of the Haikus at the time of death is not necessary. They state we have led our lives, and the student can learn from our lives while we are alive and learn by her/his own experience too. It all depends on the individual. The main understanding is to live in the present moment, do whatever work that comes in front of us with full consciousness.