4. Zen Haikus

Malti Johari's Podcast

Jul 8 2020 • 16 mins

In this Episode Zen Haikus by Ryokan, Shiki, Hokushi, Issa, Choshu, Ryota, and Hoitsu have been narrated.

Some words used in Zen Haikus have become a depiction of a certain meaning. For example, "ice" is a depiction of transparency and cleanliness, "water" is a depiction of peace and tranquility, the "moon" is a depiction of coolness and acceptance, "white flowers" are used for peace and "red flowers" for happiness, the "firefly" and the "morning glory" depicts the shortness of life, etc.

The Zen Masters have used these words in their Haikus to reflect and depict such meanings in their poems.