8. Upanishad Sangrha

Malti Johari's Podcast

Jun 28 2020 • 22 mins

The Kathopnishad has been been narrated over three Episodes. It is the most beautiful story of the dialogue  between a young boy, Nachiket and the God of Death, Yamraj (Yama).

In this Episode Nachiket goes to meet Yamraj. However, Yama was away and came back after three days. Nachiket did not eat for three days, as he could not meet Yamraj. Yama felt bad about the boy sitting outside his house without food and water. So, he grants the boy three wishes, as a penance for himself (Yama).

Nachiket explains that his father will be unhappy and sad, as Nachiket came to Yamraj because of his father. He asks Yama, as his first wish, to make his father happy and to accept him again.

He then asks, as his second wish, the path to Heaven. Yama explains the path to him.

Nachiket, as his last wish, asks Yamraj, what happens after death?