Ep13 | Dumb Things

Conversations with Lily

Mar 2 2021 • 31 mins

Ep 13 Dumb Things

This weeks episode was a fun one. We master the art of self deprecating humour as we talk about some dumb things we have done in the past and recently and laugh at ourselves. Lots of giggles in this episode.

Also in this episode:

  • Episode 13!!
  • Did you know only 1/2 of all podcasts make it past 14 episodes?!
  • Invisalign struggles continue
  • 3 Sticks. Can you say it?
  • Don’t try the Peter piper tongue twister, you will say a bad word
  • I was the villain and the hero in the same story
  • Pobodys Nerfect
  • Attitive Posittude?
  • Lily thinks Rob’s real estate videos suck
  • Real problems with screens merging with real life
  • What was inside the ball? Listen to find out.
  • Baking cookies on her desk
  • Kevins Shed debacle
  • Rob never told Stacey 😬
  • “Hold your calf”
  • Burger Adventures Trigger Stacey
  • Who has 2 thumbs & forgets swimming trunks going to Mexico…

Hopefully no one will ever have to use this but this is what I did to lily.
Could save someones life.


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