Episode 19: Interview with a Surrogate, Sammantha Guillen

Surrogacy Mentor #NormalizeSurrogacy Podcast

Jul 13 2022 • 24 mins

Join Carey Flamer-Powell, Founder and CEO of Surrogacy Mentor , along with special guest, experienced gestational surrogate Sammantha Guillen of Extraordinary Conceptions, as they discuss:

  • What first interested Sammantha in gestational surrogacy?
  • How did her husband and family feel about her becoming a surrogate?
  • What was it like being pregnant with someone else's baby?
  • What was the birth experience like?
  • What was / is her relationship like with the parents and the baby?
  • How the experienced surrogates at Surrogacy Mentor navigate these questions and more

Let's normalize surrogacy through education and open discussion!