Episode 5: Curating Worship with Mark Pierson and co-host Lilly Lewin

Liturgical rebels

Apr 9 2024 • 43 mins

In this episode Mark Pierson joins Christine Sine and co-host Lilly Lewin to discuss the concept of worship curation and its impact on the way they approach church. Mark Pierson a long-time Baptist pastor in Aukland New Zealand, who coined the term 'worship curator,' describes it as curating contexts and spaces built around practices that offer people the potential for transformational engagement with God. He shares examples of curated worship experiences, including art installations and the Tea and Be ceremony. The conversation also touches on the challenges faced in introducing creative elements to traditional church settings and the importance of curating people's gifts.


  • Worship curation involves curating contexts and spaces that offer opportunities for transformational engagement with God.
  • Curated worship experiences can take various forms, including art installations and rituals like Tea and Be.
  • Introducing creativity to traditional church settings can be challenging, but it is important to create spaces where people can engage with God in new ways.
  • Curating people's gifts and providing opportunities for them to contribute to worship can enhance the overall experience.
  • Those who have given up on church are encouraged to find like-minded individuals and create their own worship experiences centered around communion and simplicity.