Episode 2: Poetry As A Spiritual Practice with Drew Jackson

Liturgical rebels

Feb 9 2024 • 45 mins

In this second episode of The Liturgical Rebel I am in conversation with Drew Jackson about poetry as spiritual practice and how it can help us express the laments and joys of life while enabling us to sit longer in the questions life raises, not looking for answers but sitting in the mystery of all things. His poetry is part protest, part Biblical commentary and provides fresh insight as he weaves the Biblical narrative with contemporary issues of justice, lament and hope.

We will also discuss his amazing sensitivity to women in the gospels and how poetry enables us to access our anger and see it as an invitation to uncover the mystery of life and let go of a need for answers and control.

Drew has published 2 wonderful books of poetry: Touch the Earth and God Speaks Through Wombs. (NOTE: As an Amazon Associate I receive a small amount if you purchase through these links.)

For more information about Drew Jackson visit him at his website drewjackson.com or join him on Instagram or on Facebook.

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